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Оригинальные идеи для корпоратива
Проведение и организация тимбилдинга

WOOW кулинарный тимбилдинг

сorporate cooking classes 

exciting and memorable corporate party 

What is a corporate cooking party? 

Exciting corporate party with an engaging cooking class and gastronomic wow-effect! We want to arrange an unforgettable cooking party for your company – for any number of people and in any format, on you own premises or at any indoor or outdoor venue! 

We can organize tho whole party or one of the activities at a company getaway! 

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Where can you hold your fun-party? 

Cookery School by Evgeniy Chernukha

Кулинарный мастер-класс для коллег Киев

Patio in Kiev downtown

Как организовать барбекю вечеринку

Outdoor corporate party anywhere in the world, even on the Moon:)

Кулинарный мастер-класс для коллег Киев

Online corporate parties

Как организовать барбекю вечеринку

 PARTY  Solutions 

Cooking team-building

Training and coaching for staff

company's birthday

promo and presentation

 event Formats 

master chef

Arrange a cooking class-style event with a professional teacher who will teach you the basics of the chosen cuisine. 

Организация кулинарного мастер-класса на корпоративы
Кулинарный тимбилдинг

one-day restaurant-building

A model for quick start of a working restaurant business!Common cause bonds people together. If the common cause is related to cooking, bonds are much stronger. At the end of the day participants must produce the desired result – high-quality service and tasty dishes. 

wow chef`s table

Гастроужин — театр уникального интерактивного формата, искусство распознания и философии блюд путем задействования всех органов чувств, корней истории блюда, продуктов и основ воздействия на чувства путем гастрофизики.

Где отметить День Рождение Киев
Выездные корпоративы

Kitchen on the wheels

If you arrange an outdoor corporate party – in the mountains, an open-air restaurant, a tent, a fishing location or even on the Moon – we will perfectly fit in. 

Free services for the parties of over 50 people – photographer, master of ceremonies and welcome drink.  

Additional  FUN- Activities

creeppy food to touch

Hands touch, brain shudders! 


Crio ice-cream, molecular cocktails, astronaut food

cande lottery

Do you want a rotten egg candy? 


Do you know that your mind dictates your body what to feel?Find out what you are tasting without one of your senses. 



Руки трогают — мозг боится!


Crio ice-cream, молекулярные коктейли, еда космонавтов


Конфетку со вкусом протухшего яйца ХО?)


А вы знаете, что именно мозг диктует правила в том, какие вкусы вы чувствуете при дегустации? Узнайте какой продукт вы пробуете, без одного чувства

A couple of useful things for your party

welcome food

We will organize a wow-effect stand-up meal to warm interest to the main course and to have a bite!

Master of ceremonies

Let's light it up at the party! Funny contests, funny activities will amuse the team and defuse the situation before the main action!

Photographer and videographer

Our photographers and cameramen will capture the highlights of the event! We’ll shoot everything no worse than Cameron 🙂

Want to get Presentation?

Fill out the application form and we will send you the presentation with our fastest rocket within 15 minutes!


A corporate cooking class can be presented in the format of a culinary duel, a culinary show with a wow effect. The best culinary master class for adults to feel like children.

estimated cost for a party  of 30 people 

end-to-end corporate party in the cookery School

corporate party with cookery school at a chosen venue

self-organized corporate party

free - premises in the city center for up to 150 people for 3,5 hours


transportation of staff and equipment within 100 km from Kyiv


rental of premises in the city center for up to 150 people for 3,5 hours

UAH 9,000 .

Action cooking class


Action cooking class


Main activity for up to 30 people

UAH 9,000 

Master of ceremonies; contests; creepy food to touch; candy lottery; space food


Master of ceremonies; contests; creepy food to touch; candy lottery; space food


Master of ceremonies - UAH 4,000 Contests and additional activities - UAH 4,000

UAH 8,000

Welcome drink, wait staff and banquet with dishes cooked during the class - UAH 1,000 per person


Welcome drink, wait staff and banquet with dishes cooked during the class - UAH 1,000 per person


Welcome drink — UAH 5500 Dinner for 30 people (middle-range restaurant) - UAH 25,000

UAH 30,500

UAH 36,000
UAH 36,000
UAH 62,500

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Записываться на обучение стало в 1000 раз быстрее, комфортнее и выгоднее!

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