Culinary courses

Cooking from A to Z course

Become a professional Chef after the month of training. 

✓ 20 days of practical training дней практического обучения

✓ Bonus - course  "Pro" Meat/Fish and seafood to choose

✓ Individual workplace 

✓ International diploma with European and American certification 

"Only meat" cooking course

Cook meat like a professionals do 

✓ 5 days of practical training 

✓ choice - storage - preparation - cooking 

✓ 5 rules to work with meat  

✓ more than 40 recipes, including side dishes and sauces 

"Healthy eating" cooking course

Nice, useful and healthy food for the whole life!

✓ 5 days of practical training

✓ salads/soups/main dishes and desserts 

✓ more than 25 dishes which will become as a basis for your culinary fantasy 

"Fish and seafood" cooking course

Fish - it is not only salmon or dorado, baked in the oven! 

✓ 5 days of practical trainings

✓ We use local fish and seafood, which is available in any store. 

✓ Cooking techniques: stirring/stewing/pickling/smoking/baking/grill/LTC/Sous-vide

Smart home cookery courses

Cook meal in a 30 minutes and rationally divide you time and cost.  

✓ 4 days of practical trainings 

✓ Adapted program of restaurant kitchen for home use

✓ Menu and purchasing of food rules  

✓ Semi-finished products and storage 

"Fast&Healthy" cooking course

Must have for modern people who wants to eat healthy. 

✓ 5 days of practical trainings

✓ 5 quick menu ideas: from soup to dessert and drink 

✓ spend on cooking a few minutes 

✓ cook useful dishes for your family 

Кулинарные курсы. Список курсов где вы можете выбрать нужный для вас.

Подарунковий сертифікат на 14 лютого


Обирай подарунок на 14 лютого зі смаком та веселими емоціями!

Подарунковий сертифікат на кулінарні та кондитерські майстер-класи та курси!

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Записываться на обучение стало в 1000 раз быстрее, комфортнее и выгоднее!

Устанавливайте мобильное приложение от Кулинарной школы и участвуйте в WOW бонусной системе!

Получайте cashback в размере до 20% после каждого курса/мастер-класса, накапливайте бонусы и используйте их при оплате!