Culinary courses

Cooking from A to Z course

Become a professional Chef after the month of training. 

✓ 20 days of practical training дней практического обучения

✓ Bonus - course  "Pro" Meat/Fish and seafood to choose

✓ Individual workplace 

✓ International diploma with European and American certification 

"Only meat" cooking course

Cook meat like a professionals do 

✓ 5 days of practical training 

✓ choice - storage - preparation - cooking 

✓ 5 rules to work with meat  

✓ more than 40 recipes, including side dishes and sauces 

"Healthy eating" cooking course

Nice, useful and healthy food for the whole life!

✓ 5 days of practical training

✓ salads/soups/main dishes and desserts 

✓ more than 25 dishes which will become as a basis for your culinary fantasy 

"Fish and seafood" cooking course

Fish - it is not only salmon or dorado, baked in the oven! 

✓ 5 days of practical trainings

✓ We use local fish and seafood, which is available in any store. 

✓ Cooking techniques: stirring/stewing/pickling/smoking/baking/grill/LTC/Sous-vide

Smart home cookery courses

Cook meal in a 30 minutes and rationally divide you time and cost.  

✓ 4 days of practical trainings 

✓ Adapted program of restaurant kitchen for home use

✓ Menu and purchasing of food rules  

✓ Semi-finished products and storage 

"Fast&Healthy" cooking course

Must have for modern people who wants to eat healthy. 

✓ 5 days of practical trainings

✓ 5 quick menu ideas: from soup to dessert and drink 

✓ spend on cooking a few minutes 

✓ cook useful dishes for your family 

Кулинарные курсы. Список курсов где вы можете выбрать нужный для вас.