Fish and seafood course 

To learn cooking fish as a professional 

Fish it is not only salmon or dorado cooked in oven 

5 days = 25 hours = more than 30 fish and seafood dishes 

◊ A practical 5-days program, that will not leave any secrets in choosing, preparation, cooking, and serving fish/seafoods 

◊ Your time + teachers experience and knowledges  + joint practical training – this is a formula of perfectly cooked dish!  

The fish culinary world is so  large that it is a sin to cook only expensive or simple fish! 

Hake, cod, mackerel, silver carp, river trout…. Salting, pickling, Sous-vide and poaching –  here it is a variety!  



12 (Please, reserve a place in a group before payment)


Ingredients, flow charts, library, infographics.




5 days per 5 hours


5 recipes and more than 10 cooking techniques

Training options

Morning shift (10:00-15:00), evening shift (18:00 - 23:00), weekend shift (Sat-Sun)

Start dates

Сб20Июнь10:0015:00Курс "Fish club: рыба и морепродукты"10:00 - 15:00 Тип события:Кулинарные курсы

Пн20Июль10:0015:00Курс "Fish club: рыба и морепродукты"10:00 - 15:00 Тип события:Кулинарные курсы

Course program


  • Cod with mustard dressing and capers 
  • Smoky mackerel with coconut sauce 
  • The back of a silver carp in a fresh herbs mixture 
  • Amber salmon smoked with green tea 
  • Salted salmon with cranberries and mustard 


  • Mussel gratin with lemongrass and ginger 
  • Seafood risotto with cuttlefish ink 
  • Crab lasagna 
  • Bouilabaisse fish saute 


  • Hake fillet with cocoa butter 
  • Chinese carp
  • Codfish baked in a Guinness dough  
  • Sea bass in a crispy fried filo dough 
  • Salmon baked with vegetables and shrimps 
  • Fish baked in dough/salt with lime berblan sauce. 
  • Tart with a shrimp sabayon and goat cheese 
  • Termidor cryfish 


  • Dorado with vanilla butter 
  • Pike perch with king prawns and lime garlic sauce  
  • Sea bass fillet “5 spices” 
  • Hike stewed in savoy cabbage with vegetable ratatouille  
  • Sous-vide trout rolls with spinach and basil 
  • Pike dumplings with smashed carrot and truffle oil. 
  • Low temperature salmon with pistu sauce 

Who this course is for


This course will be useful for those, who works in restaurant industry, Chefs or cook. 

You can improve your knowledge in fish and seafood cooking, learn new techniques and also make corrections in menu.  


You will be great on types of fish and seafood after the course. 

You will study different methods of cooking, not only in the oven. You will learn how to cook fish and understand how to choose, prepare, store and easily cook any fish.  


Successful restaurateur is obliged to know all the light and dark sides of his business. You will be able to organize a fish workshop in the kitchen, control quality of dishes and products. In addition you will receive more than 20 dishes which can be entered in menu.


fish it is not only
sea buss/dorado/salmon

Now we have an opportunity to buy sea or river fish in markets or stores. Absolutely every fish has its own cooking features, and even the most ordinary fish can surprise you with its taste!  

it is not expensive

In 90% of cases we are afraid to buy unknown fish, because we are not sure that we can cook it tasty. We will sort out how, with what and in which condition to cook different kinds if fish on the course. Be sure that types of fish as hake, mackerel, grass carp will appear on your table. 

fish it is
not only baking in the oven

We used to bake fish in the oven. But, besides this there are cooking technologies that are not worse in taste than baking. We will study a low temperature cooking, Sous-vide, passivation, stewing and sauteing methods. 

fish is not
difficult to choose

Many of us are afraid to buy fish because we do not know how to choose fish correctly, to clean it and to store it. We will analyze all the all links of the chain: choice, cleaning, gutting and storing  for further preparation. 


sign yourself up for the perfect fish club

are not rubber any more

A common problem that seafood become a tasteless gum. We will sort out why seafood comes out rubber, what should be done for an ideal dish, as well as complement it with tastes and aromas. 

Program features 

  • we will analyze the chain of how to cook fish - from the choice of fish to its storage and preparation
  • we will consider different types of fish: from river to sea on the course
  • After completing the course, the question "How to cook fish?" will be settled
  • All products used on the course are local and accessible.
  • simple and fast - the unspoken motto of the Fish club course


Для того, что бы принять участие в курсе Вам следует:

  1. Уточнить у менеджера наличие мест;
  2. Записаться на курс, указав свои данные (ФИО, номер телефона)
  3. Внести предоплату в указанном размере удобным Вам способом (наличные, карта ПриватБанка, сайт)

Курс носит универсальный характер, поэтому подойдет как новичкам/домохозяйкам, так и профессиональным шеф-поварам или рестораторам.

Обучение носит 100% практический формат, где ученики сами готовят все блюда под руководством преподавателя.

Каждый день проходится не менее 5-ти блюд, в начале дня выдаются распечатки с рецептурой.

Всё приготовленное на курсе дегустируется в процессе или забирается с собой.

В конце курса все распечатки дублируются на указанную учениками почту.


В стоимость обучение входят все расходные материалы, продукты, распечатки, а так же кофе и чай.

После курса выдается именной сертификат об окончании курса с подписями преподавателей.