Cookeryschool Cooking classes 

Meat club: Steaks trio

Learn to cook alternative steak 

✓ 5 hours of practical trainings 

✓ Alternative cut parts: diaphragm, round steak,  entrecote 

✓ Cooking techniques: grill/sous - vide/frying

✓ Unique sauces: plum and berry BBQ, chutney 

Perfect meat

Learn to cook meat and steaks like PRO 

✓ 5 hours of practical trainings 

✓ 5 rules for perfect steaks 

✓ Cooking of 21-days aging T-bone steak, sous-vide beef and juicy chicken 

✓ Infographics on different types of meat and cooking rules 

Meat club: whiskey set

Dedicated to meat and whiskey lovers! 

✓ 5 hours of practical trainings 

✓ Options for use of alcohol in meat cooking: glazing, marinating, sauce, marmalade 

✓ 5 rules for meat: from choice to cooking methods 

✓ Infographics on different types of meat 

Real american meat

For American meat true lovers! 

✓ 5 hours of practical trainings 

✓ Cooking techniques:  low&slow, smoking and grill 

✓ Work with meat: rules for choosing and preparing meat for different kinds of dishes 

✓ Useful information about spices and unique sauces 

Georgian cuisine: TOP - 5

Unique Georgian dishes on your table! 

✓ 5 hours of practical trainings 

✓ Secrets of perfect baking from yeast dough author's recipes of khachapuri 

✓ Traditional recipes, brought from different parts of Georgia 

✓ Useful information about spices 

Georgian feast

Learn cooking of rich Georgian dishes, which will become a "must have" in your recipes book! 

✓ 5 hours of practical trainings 

✓ 1 pie recipe - 1000 interpretations 

✓ Rules for working with river fish 

✓ Khinkali recipes: from perfect dough to juicy meat filling 

Italian cuisine

It is very beloved, very simple and insanely delicious classic of Italian cuisine. 

✓ 5 hours of practical trainings 

✓Rules of cooking handmade pasta

✓ Italian sauces for pasta and foe other dishes 

✓ The basis of classic dishes: gnocchi, pasta, risotto, polenta cake 

Modern Italian cuisineItalian

Italian classic in modern way 

✓ 5 hours of practical trainings 

✓ Dough for different kinds of pasta, as well as methods of coloring 

✓ Choice and work with meat, as well as cooking techniques 

✓ Perfect risotto recipes 

Italian cuisine: Pasta

Cooking of different kinds of pasta, coloring it and a lot of sauces and ingredients

✓ 5 hours of practical trainings 

✓ Cooking of pasta fresco 

✓ 5 kinds of pasta: ravioli, casoncelli, tagliolini  

✓5 sauces 

French cuisine: La marine

Immerse yourself in magical gastronomic fish paradise 

✓ 5 hours of practical trainings 

✓ Basics of choice, storage and cooking fish and seafood 

✓ How to make unpopular fish tastier than salmon 

✓ Basics of sauces: mayonnaise, dressing, cream sauce 

French cuisine: La viande

The most known meat dishes of French cuisine 

✓ 5 hours of practical trainings 

✓ Classic recipes and iconic French dishes 

✓ Rules for working with alcohol in cooking: how to make a flavor reduction from 5 kinds of alcohol 

✓ About meat: from choice to cooking techniques 

Poultry dishes

Vary your culinary world with incredibly tasty poultry dishes! 

✓ 5 hours of practical trainings 

✓ Non-waste dissembling of chicken carcass and dishes from all parts 

✓ Nuances in cooking techniques - frying, stewing, baking, perfect broth and pate 

✓ Lecture: meat from a chemical point of view 

Salmon: from head to tail

You will learn how to buy, butcher, which parts for which dishes are best and how to cook salmon!

✓ 5 hours of practical trainings 

✓ Rules for selection and purchase of fish 

✓ How to butcher and store fish 

✓ Cooking techniques 

✓ Sauces and side dishes which is best served with salmon 


Make your daily ration really Super, using local superfoods! 

✓ 5 hours of practical trainings 

✓ Simple dishes with local superfoods! 

✓ Available products + knowledge of cooking techniques = healthy food 

✓ Здоровое питание может быть вкусным и ароматным

✓Forget about dry buckwheat and boiled chicken breast 

Pan-Asia: Chinese traditions

A plenty of incredible flavors, spices and  a mixture of incompatible products

✓ 5 hours of practical trainings 

✓Classic cooking techniques: WOK and Stir- fry  

✓ The classic Gedza recipes as a basic for 1000 variations 

✓ Traditional Asian dishes, that can be easily cooked at any kitchen 

✓ Herbs, sauces and spices 

Pan-Asia: the secrets of flavor

Spicy, rich of flavors and tasty cuisine will become your favorite! 

✓ 5 hours of practical trainings!

✓ The list of spices, which must be in Asian cuisine 

✓ Basis of fermentation: scientific approach to the process. The original recipe for kim-chi and kambucha 

✓ WOK as a basis for experiments 

✓ The basis of flavor combination  - foodpairing

✓ 5 recipes of healthy and wholesome dishes 

Burger from A to Z

Make your own perfect burger: from handmade buns and cheese to juicy cutlet and sauce 

✓ 5 hours of practical trainings 

✓ Perfect soft buns 

✓ How to cook juicy, full of flavor, thick burger cutlet  

✓ Sauces: traditional ketchup and pineapple BBQ  

✓ Natural creamy handmade mozzarella 

Base sauces

The base of the most needed and popular sauces 

✓ 5 hours of practical trainings 

✓ Basics of cold balsamic sauces 

✓ Cold mayonnaise and warm Hollandaise sauces 

✓ Wine and Demi-glass as a sauce basics 

✓ Salad dressings 

✓ Sweet sauces options

Original breakfast

Simplify your morning with cooking tasty and nutritious breakfast and snacks for your family! 

✓ 5 hours of practical trainings 

✓ Delicate creamy omelet and poached eggs 

✓ Club-sandwich - 1 recipes and 1000 variations for the best snack for family 

✓ Recipe of granola as a basis for healthy breakfast 

✓ Secret recipes of Syrniky 

Insta -breakfasts

Lets learn cooking delicious and fast breakfast, which will set the good mood for the hole day! 

✓ 5 hours of practical trainings 

✓ Easy and fast recipes, 

✓ Using of simple products, which are available at any store 


Say cheese: craft edition

Cheesemaking at home - tasty, natural, easy and healthy! 

✓ 2 days of practical trainings 

✓ 5 rules for perfect cheese: milk - cheese starter culture - equipment - technology - refining 

✓ Cooking of different kinds of cheese: young cheese, semi-hard cheeses, filata pasta, whey cheeses

✓ The use of cheese in culinary and cooking of several dishes 

Best of: Paul Boucuse

Gourmet cuisine from one of the most famous Chefs  Paul Boucuse!

✓ 5 hours of practical trainings

✓ Unique recipes of the cooking Guru 

✓ Cooking techniques: poached eggs, duck, foie grass, creamy dessert 

✓ The secrets of French cuisine 

Best of: Jamie Oliver

Italian appeal combined with available products and simple cooking techniques 

✓ 5 hours of practical trainings 

✓ Unique recipes of one of the most famous Chefs of the world 

✓ Fast, easy and insanely delicious Italian cuisine, based on available products

Best of: Gordon Ramsey

Refind cuisine of Hell's kitchen Chef  

✓ 5 hours of practical trainings 

✓ The secrets and culinary delights of popular chef 

✓ The TOP recipes of Gordon Ramsey 

✓ Various cooking techniques 

Perfect Burgers trio

Relieve in you burgers life: cutlets, fillings and even pasta burger buns! 

✓ 5 hours of practical trainings 

✓ Ramen burger: pasta buns,  булочка из пасты, chopped cutlet with parmesan, red pesto and mozzarella

✓ Umami бургер: bone marrow cutlet, umami sauce, pickled shiitake, sun-dried tomatoes   

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