Cookery courses

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    The element of Cake
  • Foundation cookery course - will give you a broad range of knowledge and skills to become a competent in proper cooking of soups, cold/hot dishes, salads, main dishes (meat, fish,poultry), desserts and even bread baking. The course is ideal both for professionals and housewifes and also for those who has little cooking experience and want to learn the core skills in order to be in culinary trand. If you want to discover your culinary talent, to become a real foodie and cooking connoisseur - w...
    Foundation cookery course
  • Pastry course - it is two weeks of intensive confectionery creativity training: pastry, desserts, classic and mousse cakes, the basis of working with the chocolate, caramel and also all sorts of decorating, ranging from traditional cream decoration to new methods – mirror glaze and chocolate velvet.
    Pastry course
  • How to regulate your rhythm of life and to find time for the preparation of good food? Will it be enough 30 minutes to prepare not only a sandwich with coffee and make a delicious breakfast, nutritious lunch or a light dinner? With our new course you will spend on it no more than 30 minutes!

One-day cookery classes

  • The process of cooking meat requires knowledge, experience and understanding of how to pickle it, where and how to cook, as well as side dishes and sauces which better one or the other kind of meat. All the secrets and the basic rules is willing to share with you the founder of the first in Ukraine Cookery school - a brand-chef Eugeny Chernukha at the master class "Perfect meat!"
    Perfect meat
  • Jelly and mousse, soufflé and ice cream, creams and flans, tarts, sweet pastries and fruit - it is difficult to count all kinds of desserts. The ability to cook desserts can be considered a real art. In our pastry and desserts making classes you will explore different basics and more advanced confectionery techniques.
    Modern desserts
  • Italian cuisine – it is not only pizza and pasta, as one might think. Really the conception of Italian cuisine includes a great deal of marvelous dishes with tremendous and unforgettable taste. This cuisine is distinguished from French cuisine by the cooking process. It is far easier and without any special extravagances. But every Italian dish – is a cook’s masterpiece.
    Italian Cuisine
  • The most important lifestyle element that characterizes a person almost on all sides - that is food for the French. Needless to say , French cuisine - the most popular in the world today. Traditional French cuisine is different by its variety of tastes, elegant combination of ingredients, special cooking techniques. Whether it is breakfast, dinner or supper, it always will be a gastronomical chef-d'oeuvre.
    French cuisine
  • Pan Asia – This amazing cuisine combines several culinary directions - Vietnames, Chinese, Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian, Korean, Singaporean, Laotian and certainly - Japanese cuisine. The interest to Pan-Asians cuisine can be explained by the fact that in the process of cooking is kept the taste of all products.
    Pan asian cuisine
  • Mediterranean cuisine is very diverse. It contains great number of refined and simples recipes from the seafood and differs with its flavouring and nutritious qualities and at the same time it is not only tasty but the most wholesome and acceptable to the majority of European. Mediterranean cuisine is considered to be not only wholesome, but dietetic.
    Mediterranean cuisine

Culinary team-building

Are you looking for a fun corporate cookery team-building event or a new way to entertain and to train your staff? Let us organize an unforgettable pastime for you and your colleagues in our cookery school. We will offer you a lot of cuisines suited to your needs and our cheery chiefs provide a great culinary battle by dividing participants in teams. We promise it will  leaves a lot of positive emotions and will remains in the memory of everyone for a long time.

Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers on cooking classes or culinary courses is a perfect present for your sweetheart,  friend or colleague.  Free choice of master-classes, great and friendly atmosphere, useful knowledge and skills – seems to be the best gift!

Restaurant consulting

We offer professional consulting services for restaurants and hotels: assisting in opening or  correcting the restaurants, organization of work in the kitchen, training and teaching the staff. Master-classes, seminars are held by experienced сhefs at any city of our country or near abroad. We will help to work out special menu, dessert and  confectionary carte,  advice on equipment, tools and ingredients and also draw up a program of individual training.


About us

The Cookery School by Eugeniy Chernukha – is the school, which will delve you into the world of cookery mastership, will teach you to cook properly, tasty and varied, which will open many secrets and will crush stereotype about how difficult is cookery art, which deeply entered our life. Our main mission is to teach people properly and qualitative cooking restaurant dishes, and also to prove – that even the most difficult dish is possible to cook at home, using accessible ingredients. Chief of the Cookery School – Eugeniy Chernukha and his experienced team: Sergei Khalimon, Oleg Okhrimenko, Sergei Mordel and Darina Shkir will help you to acquire a great knowledge and skills base at the cookery courses, which can become a platform for your future success in culinary and confectionary art. At one-day cooking classes, which take place at weekends, you can delve into the atmosphere of different world cuisines: from sunny Italy to unexplored Pan-Asian cuisine, you will master original recipes and new knowledge, which you will be able to embody at your own kitchen.

During the study at the Cookery School by Eugeniy Chernukha we will teach you:

– To choose the correct and necessary tools for your kitchen;

– To use this inventory and equipment;

– To select, prepare, process and store products;

– To plan your menu and to combine dishes properly;

– To cook restaurant dishes with simplicity and ease;

– To choose properly the dishes for feeding;

– To dish up the table according to the rules of the restaurant etiquette;

– To decorate the dishes, using different techniques;

– To fantasize an the kitchen, using different methods and products;

– And what is the most important – we will teach to enjoy cooking!