Foundation cookery course

Foundation cookery course – will give you a broad range of knowledge and skills to become a competent in proper cooking of soups, cold/hot dishes, salads, main dishes (meat, fish,poultry), desserts and even bread baking.

The most popular dishes of Italian, French, Pan-asian, British, Spanish cuisines are included in course program. 

The course is ideal both for professionals and  housewifes and also for  those who has little cooking experience and want to learn the core skills in order to be in culinary trand.

If you want to discover your culinary talent, to become a real foodie and cooking connoisseur – welcome to our сookery course!

Варианты обучения

Курс утреннее время

Три недели с пн. по пт. Старт 15 февраля с 10.00 до 15.00

Курс вечернее время

Три недели с пн. по пт. Старт coming soon

Курс выходного дня

По сб. и вс. 8 недель Старт 13 февраля с 10.00 до 15.00

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